Eric Travers Band

Eric Travers Band is a powerhouse blues-rock ensemble led by vocalist and guitarist Eric Travers. With a sound that is equal parts gritty and stirring, the band’s music is both timeless and contemporary.

“Playing in Asheville is living the dream,” Travers said. “I grew up watching my father perform at The Jack of The Wood, The Town Pump, Monte Vista, Bele Cher, and LEAF. It’s my goal to keep our legacy alive.”

Travers is also the owner of All Aboard Records and a founding member of the former Travers Brothership. While Travers has been playing and leading bands for nearly two decades, he is proud to have recently released his new solo track, “Dead End Street.” Travers’ impassioned vocals and searing instrumentals create an unforgettable live experience that leaves audiences wanting more. (

Em and the Innocent Mischief

Em and the Innocent Mischief is a blend of intrepid lyrics and modern folk-mountain sound, born in Asheville, North Carolina. Cheeky-haunting originals collage with covers that explore the edge where change and tradition meet, asking open-ended questions.

Em Martin found Sarah Schultz (violin, mandolin, vocals, keys) and Bryan Streett (guitar, harmonica, vocals) through the good grace of fate, but her sister Charlotte Martin (vocals) cinched the line-up to what they are today: a collaborative force inspired by Em’s songwriting, with a penchant for the sweet spots of arrangement and connection.