We’re excited to be bringing Joe May (of Pluto Gang)’s Month of Mondays to The One Stop!

Based out of Charlotte, NC – songwriter/keyboardist/producer Joe May, known for his work with Pluto Gang, has released his debut solo album and has built a high-energy live show featuring established local musicians. May has launched headfirst into this new act, with tens of thousands of streams and packed rooms arriving just as quickly as the project was announced.

Fronted by May playing a 50 year old Clavinet, loaded with distortion like a lead guitar, May’s live act brings the jamming, improvisational spirit of Pluto Gang, but in a more polished and soulful pop context.

Check out this Live Video to see their musicianship on display!

video: https://youtu.be/5mqhMHJ9zqs

“Bridging pop, soul, rock and R&B elements with vintage keyboard sounds, “No Party By That Name” is a collage of sonic textures — seamlessly floating between two-part vocal harmonies, sharp guitar riffs, and earworm keyboard soundscapes blending a multitude of genres.”

– Garret K Woodward, Rolling Stone contributing writer

“Though most people are familiar with May from his keyboard work for the up-and-coming jam/funk band Pluto Gang from Charlotte, NC, May’s debut single reveals a new sonic profile, displaying his self-described “Postmodern Psych Pop” studio sound.”

– Illustrate Magazine