Fluid & Our house productions team up to bring you one electronic musics most celebrated artist from the UK


LTJ Bukem & Armanni Reign

With support from:

J-Law & Xist

Tickets: $27 pre sale $30 at the door

Saturday June 3rd



About the Artist: Bukem’s first introduction to music was initially through piano lessons as a child. The young pianist turned out to possess a natural talent, effortlessly picking up the basics, soon to be sight reading the music of Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky which rubbed off on him. However, thanks to his progressively minded teacher—Nigel Crouch—he was also introduced to the world of jazz fusion and developed his first true musical love – a style which has informed his work ever since. In the early eighties, (at the age of seventeen), Bukem discovered the joys of clubbing. The teenager regularly checked out the local soul venues, and legendary rare groove all dayers. As a keen record buyer, he soon became interested in the idea of mixing his own version of a club soundtrack, and in 1984 started a sound system of his own named Sunshine. During this time, he also dabbled with a jazz funk band for fun. DJing became his main focus, and by 1988, he gained a reputation for his unique sets. It was in 1989 that Bukem first realized that DJing could maybe offer a full-on career.

In 1990, LTJ Bukem got his first big break at ‘Raindance’. Booked to play between 1 & 2am in front of 10,000 people, it was the first true test of his fledgling DJ’s skills. At the time it may have taken all of his mates to push him onto the stage, but it proved to be a set he’d never forget. That night LTJ Bukem — a world class DJ — was truly born.


https://www.facebook.com/LTJBukem https://twitter.com/therealLTJbukem https://soundcloud.com/ltj-bukem https://www.mixcloud.com/LTJBukem https://www.instagram.com/ltj_bukem/